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Helpful Resources

Click on the topics below to learn more about various GPS functions.

This document will get your basic settings in place to get started with using GPS.

Overview of Alerts and Cases: This document provides an overview to the alert and case management referral network, when it is appropriate to make a referral to specific offices, and what happens when the referral is made.

Submit Alerts (Referrals): Learn how to submit an alert (referral) in the Student Success GPS platform.

Schedule individual appointments: This document is a useful resource if you need to book a single or recurring appointment with a student, as opposed to having either the student or a front office staff schedule the appointment.

Add appointment summaries: Learn how to attach an appointment summary to a scheduled appointment or as an ad-hoc (drop-in) session.

Manage appointments: This document shows you how to start or cancel an appointment, edit appointment details, and mark a student as a no-show.

Setting Availability: This help document will review how to set the times and days you are available for appointments, campaigns, and drop-ins.

Setting Availability- Video Tutorial: This video will walk you through the steps of setting up your availability for appointments, campaigns and drop-ins.

Advanced search user guide: You can use the advanced search function to identify populations of students for the purposes of information gathering, proactive outreach, interventions or reporting.

Saved Searches: Saved searches allow users to conduct a pre-configured advanced search without having to manually and repeatedly create a new advanced search. Additionally, saved searches dynamically regenerate a list of students or users based on the search criteria. They can be especially helpful for users who frequently run the same search at different points in the term, as it allows you to maintain consistency with your search parameters.

Sync your Google Calendar: This document provides step-by-step instructions for syncing your NCSU Google calendar with the GPS system.

Calendar Syncing – Video Tutorial: This video tutorial illustrates the step-by-step process of syncing your NCSU Google calendar with the GPS system.

Appointment Campaigns: This document provides step-by-step instructions for creating and sending out appointment campaigns to your students.

Targeted Student Outreach with Campaigns: This document orients users to best practices in proactive student outreach using the appointment campaign feature.

Adjusting Filters and Views on Student History Tab: Learn how to filter and change the views on the student history tab.

Manage Student Lists: A Student List is a static list of students by student ID. You can use student lists in a variety of ways, from maintaining a list of students to track over time, to sending messages, or appointment campaigns directly from the Student List.

An Advising Indicator is displayed on each’s student’s profile within GPS. The advisor indicator (low, medium, or high) is generated by EAB’s predictive model and is a prediction of the level of support a student might need as s/he works toward graduation.

Click here for the latest updates to the predictive influencers in GPS.

This presentation provides an overview of general guidelines for notes and communication within GPS. Download the PowerPoint file and play it as a slide show. Make sure your volume is turned on in order to listen to the presentation. You must have PowerPoint 2013 or later in order to listen to the audio recording.

General Counsel – Student Records: General Counsel provides an overview of FERPA, student records, and best practices.