GPS 18.1 Update Infomation

The GPS platform will undergo a system update on December 14. The updates allow for more flexibility and provide many enhanced features. Please take some time to review the changes on this webpage and make any necessary adjustments to your appointment reasons.

Test the new system

You can test the system before the update takes place by logging into the training environment: It is not a live environment. It serves as your platform to test all features without fear of making a mistake.

VIDEO: Updates to GPS Platform


Coordinated Care Units

All locations within the GPS platform will now be grouped into a Care Unit. Care Units will provide enhanced customization for similar services offered to students.

  • All advising and student services locations will migrate to the Advising and Support Services Care Unit.
  • ASPSA tutoring functions will migrate to the ASPSA Tutoring Care Unit.
  • ASPSA advising functions will migrate to the ASPSA Advising Care Unit.
  • All drop-in and scheduled tutoring associated with the University Tutorial Center will migrate to the University Tutorial Center Care Unit.

Appointment Reasons

Appointment reasons have been paired down to provide consistency in reporting and streamline duplicate reasons. Some reasons were removed, such as AW Advising, Academic Warning, Schedule  Revision, Changes to my Schedule, and Selecting a Major. 

Your Action Needed

Due to the streamlining and reduction of appointment reasons, you will need to go into GPS after the update takes place to check on your appointment availability. If you had availability set for appointment reasons that no longer exist, you will need to update your availability to reflect the new options. Similarly, if you want to add appointment reasons that are new to the system, you will need to update your availability to make those changes.


To provide uniformity to location naming conventions, a small handful of locations have changed names within GPS. 

  • University College Commons → Academic Advising Programs & Services/Exploratory Studies
  • AFROTC – Reynolds Coliseum→ Air Force ROTC
  • AROTC – Reynolds Coliseum→ Army ROTC
  • Bostian Hall→ College of Sciences
  • Email Advising→ sunsetted
  • NROTC – Reynolds Coliseum→ Navy ROTC
  • Phone Advising→ sunsetted
  • Tutoring – University College Commons→ Drop-in Tutoring – Holmes Hall

*Note about Phone and Email advising: Since email and phone advising are not actual programs, unlike our Colleges and campus units, these have been sunsetted and are no longer options as a location. Instead, you will have the option to indicate whether an appointment took place by phone, email, or virtually when filling out an appointment report.

Your Action Needed

If your college or department’s name changed within GPS, please going into GPS to ensure your availability is set to the new name.

Appointment Reports

When completing an appointment report for an appointment that was scheduled within GPS, the appropriate Care Unit will automatically populate, along with the location and the service (appointment reason). When filing an appointment report for appointments scheduled outside of GPS, select your Care Unit, as well as the location and service.

The Advising Appointment Report has been streamlined for ease of use. The sections concerning tutoring, goals, objectives, and assignments have been removed. Two questions concerning prospective CODA students have been added with radio buttons. These two questions do not have to be answered in order to save the report. You also have the option to include whether the appointment was conducted by phone or by email. You can leave this blank if it was an in-person session. 

Appointment Constraints

The settings for how many hours in advance a student can schedule an appointment and the default duration for appointments are now set at the set at the location level instead of the individual user level. This update provides consistency in the student experience across appointments and locations.

Group Appointments

All Care Units now support the ability for users to set up group appointment when setting your availability.


Your appointment availability will migrate with the new release. All future availability settings will require choosing the care unit to which you belong.

Multipurpose Availability

Users can now create a single availability window that spans multiple purposes. Users will no longer need to create separate, overlapping availabilities for Appointments, Drop-ins, and Campaigns. If a user is available for multiple purposes at the same time, they can now create an availability for Appointments, Drop-ins, and Campaigns in a single action.

Homepage Titles

Advisor, tutor, and coach homepages have been consolidated into one single Staff homepage.

Email Reminders

Previously, appointment reminders were emailed to both the student and advisor. After the update, advisors will no longer receive the appointment reminder email. The student will still receive the reminder email, as well as the text message 60 minutes prior to the appointment. Additionally, advisors will still receive the email confirmation when the appointment is initially booked.


This update will combine duplicate reports and add Care Unit filters to all Care Unit-related reports, meaning a slimmer reports page and a more navigable reporting experience. Rather than being under separate headings, tutoring and advising reports have been merged into the same reports, where you can filter from there by Care Units, locations, service reasons (appointment reasons), and more.

Kiosks and Appointment Centers

You will not be able to schedule appointments through the kiosk any longer, however, you can use it for walk-ins and checking in appointments. The overall interface of the kiosk has been improved. Buttons are enlarged and the first available option has been moved to the top of the page in line with the option to select an advisor. Additionally, the tutor kiosk and the advising kiosk will be merged into one singular Kiosk.

The old Appointment Center will be sunsetted and replaced with the new Appointment Center. The Tutor Center will no longer be a supported feature. Everything will live in the new Appointment Center.

Before 18.1 Update

After 18.1 Update

Legacy Tutoring Features

Legacy tutoring features, including tutor payroll and maximum tutor hours will no longer be supported after the 18.1 update to GPS. Additionally, Tutor home will be sunsetted since everything can be accomplished with Care Units and Reports.