Office of Advising Technology

The Office of Advising Technology provides critical leadership in leveraging technology to create and support a proactive advising environment, ensure continuity of individual advising, identify student populations who may require customized advising support, and implement tools for timely interventions. One of the tools the Office of Advising Technology supports is the Student Success GPS platform. Student Success GPS is a suite of advising tools combining advising services, real-time data, analytics and reporting to help advisors support our students. NC State University invested in this system as a commitment towards improving advising services across campus through analytics and workflow functionality critical to advising and student services.


Nikki is responsible for providing overall leadership and support for advising technologies on campus, including the Student Success GPS system. She consults with and provides support to campus stakeholders, including associate deans, faculty and professional advisors, university assessment offices, and other campus partners. Nikki leverages the analytic power of advising software to assist in assessing the effectiveness of various advising and support strategies, to improve the efficiency and efficacy of advising at NC State, and to establish a culture of continuous advising improvement. Additionally, Nikki coordinates vendor relations, functional user support, and platform mapping, testing and planning.
Nikki Glenos, Director of Advising Technology

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